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In her latest work, Evangelist and Author Freya Sullivan Huffman is encouraging Christians to seek 

God before voting.  She is warning Christians to watch wolves in sheep's clothing. 

In this exciting book Freya Huffman will inspire Christians to get active in the voting process. She will motivate Christians to pray and research the candidates before they cast their ballots! Many have voted because of political party loyalty, race loyalty, gender loyalty or organizational loyalty. Freya encourages Christians to be loyal to God’s word and “watch the wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

God is not limited to one party. When God sent Jesus to earth, Jesus reached out to all people. Jesus was moral since He adopted God’s ways. He did not lean to the left or to the right! Jesus was also socially conscience. He charged Christians to take care of the poor and needy because the poor would always be among them.   He charged them to take care of the widows and to take care of God’s house.  He cared about all lives.  He did not support racism and injustice, but He came to save all.

The Christian vote has become a political marketing strategy focusing on one issue as the moral litmus test.   While abortion is important, so are other issues.  This has been a key factor in the last few Presidential elections.  Christians are split between moral and social views.  Why can’t the Christian be concerned about both?  The book, Pray before You Vote, discusses thought-provoking topics such as:

•             Should I Vote for a Particular Party if I am a Christian?

•             The Ministers are Divided, Who Is Right?

•             Why Do Christian Democrats and Republicans Disagree?

•             Does Voting for a Particular Party Make Me Immoral?

•             What Issues Are Important To God?

•             Why Do African-Americans Traditionally Vote for Democrats?

•             God Is In Control!

Pray before You Vote is a fresh look at politics from a spiritual perspective. The word of God says in John 8:31-32, “when we know the truth, the truth will make you free”.   Pray before You Vote discusses the truth based on the word of God, not man’s opinion or loyalty.

The purpose of this book is not to endorse nor denounce the political parties, but to endorse the word and ways of God.  God has called Christians to be stewards over this earth. This means Christians are to take part in governing the earth by praying and casting their vote.  2 Corinthians 5:20 says Christians are ambassadors of Christ.  An ambassador is an authorized messenger or representative.  Freya Huffman is an ambassador for voting Christians. This is a very exciting time in the election process. It is important to know the issues and what each candidate stands for.  After all the research, “Pray before you vote”.  Purchase the book at